The automobile enterprise in India simply appears to be booming. With the enterprise’s high give up luxurious brands names like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, and Rolls Royce setting save inside the country these tremendous luxurious cars aren’t so uncommon on Indian roads anymore.

Gone are the days in which we used to ogle at a Mercedes E Class that used to pressure by using. The luxury automobiles of the day prior to this have made way for the Super Luxury motors of today. With rate tags greater than what a mean Indian would spend on a domestic or two, those are really for the elite. For those like me, wherein those luxuries are what desires are fabricated from, we are able to best dream on and hold the desire alive!


Here’s a list of Top 10 Luxury Cars & Most Expensive Cars in India

1) Mercedes-Benz Maybach

With the Maybach, Mercedes has managed to create an emblem and car that outshone in each price and status, their personal emblem of Mercedes vehicles that when stood as the epitome of luxurious. The numbers of its owners in India are in unmarried digits…that’s how special it’s miles!

Two exclusive variations of the Maybach are supplied: the fifty-seven and the sixty-two. The numbers consult with the automobile’s length in meters (5.7 and six.2). Each Maybach is built to reserve. With a wide-range choice of preferred and non-obligatory equipment, there are over a million exclusive methods wherein Maybach clients can customize the layout and fittings in their excessive-cease luxury saloon.

Inside, opulence takes a center degree. Every unmarried floor is high-grade leather-based, wood, chrome or some other gentle-touch fabric. Comfy as it’s miles to sit up straight the front, the first-class location to sit in a Maybach 57 in the backseat. It’s a dual-bucket arrangement with a console in between that houses a DVD participant, a separate CD changer for use in the returned and even a refrigerated compartment to keep bloodless refreshments on the ready. Each rear seat gives an extensive range of modifications. A gentle Nubuck-upholstered (and feather crammed) pillow is hooked up to the front of every head restraint, and leaning again upon it’s far positive to loosen up even the most uptight passenger.

Price Range: Rs. 5,50,00,000 Too many zeros? that’s Rs. 5.5 Crores

2) Bentley Azure

The England-primarily based vehicle maker Bentley rolled out two convertibles because of its entry into India in 2003. The Azure two-seater coupe is for kings and oil magnates. Bentley has restricted the income range to preserve exclusivity.
With a beginning fee for a number of Crores, the Bentley Azure is truly for the brilliant wealthy of India.

With a 5.9-liter engine and a 6-speed computerized transmission, the automobile generates a tremendous 552 hp and may contact an expected pinnacle speed of 317 km/h. Bentley has each proper to call its upcoming Azure “the world’s most elegant 4-seater convertible”.

Price Range: Rs. 3,50,00,000 that’s Rs. 3.5 Crores

4) Lamborghini Murcielago

There are a few automobile brands that are so steeped in history, glamour, and awe-inspiring generation that hyperbole’s come evidently when we talk about them.

The last ‘Raging Bull’, the Lamborghini Murcielago is being provided in India with a 6.5-liter, 12-cylinder, engine generating height energy of 631 bhp at 8,000 rpm. It can contact a predicted top pace of 340 km and can accelerate from 0 to a hundred km in only three. Four seconds.

Price Range: Rs. 3,00,00,000 that’s Rs.3 Crores

5) Bentley Arnage

In a global of designer flamboyance, the Arnage is meticulously hand made and imparts an experience of event each time you step into it. It is one of the quickest automobiles in India with a predicted pinnacle pace of 250 km/h.

It is powered by means of a four hundred bhp, 6.7-litre V-eight turbocharged engine and a 4-velocity automated transmission. It is available best as a rear-wheel-force model in India. The Bentley Arnage is especially approximately exclusivity and the fun of owning an old-global car.

Price Range: Rs. 2,75,00,000 that’s Rs.2.25 Crores

6) Bentley Continental Flying Spur

There are luxurious sedans and there are first-rate luxury sedans. For those clients who have been through regular luxurious sedan ownership (if proudly owning a Jaguar XJ may be taken into consideration normal) and feature finally achieved sufficient financial fulfillment that they are prepared to move up, a new vehicle awaits the 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. It is Bentley’s big car. Big strength output, large charge tag, and a larger storage needed too cosset this luxury coupe.

It is to be had as a four-wheel-pressure and powered via a 553 bhp five. Nine-litre turbocharged engine with a 6-pace automatic transmission. It can tour at the most envisioned pace of 312 km/hr going from 0 to one hundred km in four. Nine seconds.

Price Range: Rs. 2,00,00,000 that’s Rs.2 Crores

7) Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera is a real sports vehicle. The timeless 911 silhouette has emerged as a design traditional. Its extremely-low street clearance makes it impractical for our roads. It’s too rapid for our traffic, but you may nonetheless want it.

It runs on 93-octane petrol that’s to be had simplest in Delhi and Mumbai. The uncompromising 603 hp, V-10 powered -seater ambitions to establish a trendy of overall performance beyond the attain of today’s remarkable car elite. If you take delivery of Porsche’s early claims, the Carrera GT is expected to scorch its manner to 100 km/h in less than four seconds, attain 192 km/h in less than 10 seconds, and destroy the magic 330 km/h barrier flat out in sixth equipment.

Price Range: Rs. 1,75,00,000 that’s Rs.1.75 Crores

9) BMW 7 Series

An actually first-rate automobile is all you may say approximately this Merc. The S-Class has been the choice of kings, statesmen, and enterprise tycoons in India for decades. It is loaded with technology and each possible comfort and safety function to be had.

The new S-Class saloon keeps to mirror the Mercedes way of life of understated elegance, being universally attractive and but managing to infuse ways more excitement into its ordinary layout topic. The S-Class comes with a three.5-litre The V-6 petrol engine that churns out 272 bhp and a five.5L V-eight petrol engine that generates 388 bhp. 7-speed automated transmission is fashionable.

Price Range: Rs. 75,00,000 that’s Rs.75 Lakh upward

10) Mercedes S-Class

A virtually extremely good automobile is all you can say approximately this Merc. The S-Class has been the choice of kings, statesmen, and business tycoons in India for decades. It is loaded with technology and each possible comfort and protection feature to be had.

The new S-Class saloon keeps reflecting the Mercedes way of life of understated beauty, being universally appealing and but managing to infuse ways more excitement into its normal layout subject matter. The S-Class comes with a three. Five-litre V-6 petrol engine that churns out 272 bhp and a 5.5L V-8 petrol engine that generates 388 bhp. A 7-velocity computerized transmission is well known.

Price Range: Rs. 77,00,000 that’s Rs.77 Lakh upward 




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