For what reason would I purchase the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 X?


Is ‘the’ criminal shot, makes secluding through traffic a breeze, draws eyeballs.

For what reason would I maintain a strategic distance from the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 X?

Vibey nature, poor brakes, needs better suspension setup.

This is another Royal Enfield Thunderbird. It has an equivalent motor, a practically identical case, similar brakes, and vague execution from the more arranged Thunderbird. Which, surprisingly, is so far separate down.

By and by, the new bicycle gets an additional moniker, an undeniably stunning fuel tank, no back backrest, and another handlebar. Incidentally, the thing I regard the most is the prospect of amalgam wrangles tires.

Clearly, talked wheels look marvelous. All things considered, given the life of comfort, we lead nowadays, tubeless tires are simply less asking to live with than tubed varieties. Who in their correct character would be stuck amidst no place with a cut to guarantee one can clean a lot of chrome wheels on some unpredictable Sunday?

How is it to ride?

The new Thunderbird X is in every way that really matters unclear to ride as the typical Thunderbird, which isn’t startling given that it’s the equivalent mechanically.

Thusly, regardless of all that it has a light throttle, the gadget shifts are sensibly right, regardless, it feels most cheerful when ridden between 2,000-3,500rpm. At these motor speeds, the vibrations are all around contained and there’s a sufficient snort to pull the bicycle around without it feeling slow or torpid. In addition, whacking open the throttle passes on a beguiling certification roar rather than undesirable measurement spots.

₹ 1,98,605


In any case, rev it past that, and things turn shocking quickly. The vibrations, which can be felt through the seat, foot pegs and handlebar, end up loathsome past 4,000rpm. Additionally, the rate of extending speed drops on an exceptionally fundamental dimension post this, giving up you with no inspiration to rev the bicycle any longer. The redline is around 5,000rpm and it cuts in inconsiderately.

To be honest, the Thunderbird 500X is best ridden between 80-90kmph in the fifth contraption. This moreover engages you to work around the wooden feel of the brakes. The front ones, unequivocally, offers no vibe, and I ended up utilizing the back brake as frequently as conceivable to make up for an astonishing impacted front wheel. Besides, extremely, there’s no ABS on the 500X to spare you from that.

The ride again is a blended sack. The bicycle handles minor street undulations and bangs and potholes without irritating the rider much. Be that as it may, regardless of something intelligently certifiable, the back bucks around like a bull. The last isn’t useful for your back.

Taking into account that its suspension, body, the wheel, and even tire sizes are equivalent to the standard Thunderbird, there’s close to no capability in machine overseeing between the two bicycles. Regardless, the X gets a compliment handlebar. Moreover, that deduces it has an irrelevantly logically forward-inclination seating in this manner. Fittingly, the cruiser’s reaction to controlling information is surer and more related than the primate managed dynamically settled modification.

In like manner, without a doubt, the enhanced one-piece orchestrate is no ifs ands or buts more lovely than the split unit on the more arranged bicycle.

Something else I should know?


As an issue of first significance, you can have the 500 X in any shading you like as long as it’s dull. Notwithstanding, without a doubt, you can have the cherry in either blue or orange.

Likewise, this system of putting on a magnificent fuel tank and giving the resultant bicycle another name isn’t new for Royal Enfield. It did besides with the Classic Redditch variations. Moreover, the energy there apparently been colossal for RE to give it a go on it’s not by any stretch of the creative energy fruitful Thunderbird go.

On the off chance that this snaps, it will get much dynamically troublesome for any similitude to perfectly late contenders to this space like Honda, TVS, and Triumph, to adjust for lost time with RE.

Also, did we see only the handlebar change has made it a criminal? Everything thought of it as has! You can run play with on soil, wheelie it or simply channel through traffic like it was stopping!

Would it be a brilliant idea for me to get one?

On the off chance that you were in the market for the Thunderbird, in any case, didn’t get around to getting it for evident reasons – like a gawky seat, tube type tires and the good-for-nothing styling – the 500 X may very well alter your supposition. It’s completely sensibly engaging at this point. I likewise like the upgraded one-piece organize more. Moreover, as for riding, the new compliment handlebar gives the X a racier, more loosened up feel than the more arranged Thunderbird.

Where does it fit in?


The new 500 X goes up against the UM Renegade range and the Mahindra Mojo concerning cost and thing portrayal. But, it’s a decision rather than any comparability to the RE-Classic and the Himalayan. Additionally, on the off chance that you are feeling valiant, you could in like way test the X against the Apache RR 310; that is clear whether paying little heed to all that you haven’t totally gotten tied up with the superstore dream.

Gadget Check

1-Shoei X-Fourteen Helmet: Rs 50,000

Proposed basically for track use, it has uncommon ventilation. Solace levels, in any case, aren’t high.

2-Helstons Sonny Mesh Jacket: Rs 15,990

Somewhat liberal for work coats, the Sonny with its CE Level 2 affirmation scores high for security, style, and quality.

3-Helstons Wind Mesh Gloves: Rs 5,990

A mix of cowhide and work and light in weight, these fit well and have enough ventilation to keep hands cool even on the most sizzling days.

4-Helstons Corden Stone Riding Jeans: Rs 17,990


This defensively anchored denim runs with CE Level 2 insurance and offers well-ordered wearability and high

confirmation from effect and scratched spot.

5-Daytona AC Pro Boots: Rs 19,990

Short riding boots for typical wear, this use a blend of reliable cowhide and of the punctured PU assortment. Titanium toe sliders are standard.

Photography by Kapil Angane

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