First matters first, you may think you’ve got seen this flavor of Mini earlier than. A cross-faster cross-kart. But the Minis that have come earlier than have basically been the laugh-by using-itself Mini Cooper S, with JCW improvements, and styling bits. But eventually, Mini brings inside the actual deal – the Mini John Cooper Works. And that is important, due to the fact as we find out, the mechanical revisions underneath the hood, bigger brakes, stiffer (and lighter) suspension componentry certainly do make for an automobile it really is effortlessly fit to do the occasional tune day in – if now not provide you with an even extra profitable run up your favourite set of twisties.

One Mini with the works, then?
So like the Mini JCW Pro, Mini Cooper S with JCW tuning package and others earlier than, the starting point for the John Cooper Works is the Cooper S. Except with the whole lot became as much as eleven, that is sort of just like the difference between an M-tuned car and a right M-department developed one. So the fundamental block of the 2-liter TwinPower turbocharged engine is the same, but with new pistons, a revised turbo and exhaust device, the motor places out 231PS now, with the equal 320Nm torque. A mildly essential bump in energy it’s effortlessly great on the tune whilst you’re revving its guts out, however perhaps no longer that considerable a jump for ordinary street using. The figures, likewise, display a 6.1-second dash to 100kmph from standstill is now viable, down from the high 6s for the tuned-through-JCW vehicles. Further, the non-compulsory adaptive dampers held in place by using lightened suspension additives, and the JCW additionally comes with bigger rotors clamped by 4-piston Brembo calipers. The gearbox is new too and is now an 8-speed computerized. Notably, it is the Sport Steptronic ZF-sourced torque converter, which claims to provide faster shifts than the everyday Steptronic ‘field.

But we’ve visible this earlier than?
The facelifted Mini, yes. The JCW-kitted Mini, yes once more so we might not go too deep into the normal things just like the cabin and the kids. The differentiator is the John Cooper Works badge at the front grille instead of Cooper S badging. And quite minorly, the fog lamps inside the front bumper have given manner to vents, one in every of which feeds air to the intercooler, even as the bottom air dam is stated to have ducting to cool the brakes as properly. Racing stripes and the evaluation roof, in addition, the sporty appeal, and from certain angles, the front lights do remind of every other German sportscar with around the same 70+ years of history (ahem, 9-1-1). The JCW comes with optional 18-inch wheels with Pirelli Cinturato P7s, though the motors we drove have been all equipped with 17-inch wheels and Hankook rubber.

Drives very exceptional although…
Immediately you may inform there is a diploma of directness it is in the steerage, that wasn’t in the Cooper S, that we also got to force without delay before jumping into the JCW. There’s a purpose Mini calls it the cross-kart sense, and it’s actually strengthened with the JCW, with the steering brimming with feedback. Even braking indicates a development with the texture at the pedal ultimate robust and regular thru more than one warm laps, without signs of fade. Even getting lower back on the throttle coming out of corners, the JCW indicates an enthusiasm for acceleration it really is in reality, truly likable. It does not feel vortex rapid, however, it would not want to because the way the motor revs out simply feels stronger in the course of. The JCW is likewise loud, and if you carry off at the proper factor inside the rev variety you will get a pleasing dose of pops, or even a touch of wastegate flutter. The drama is there very well, specifically whilst you realize you could brake deep into a nook without frightening the automobile.

In truth, balancing the front give up at the brakes feels entirely herbal, then the use of a hint of throttle to get the front give up pointed the way you need. The JCW additionally has a digital differential in the front, which makes use of brake vectoring to help minimize some of the understeers that comes from high power front-wheel pressure cars. What meaning is that you could be a touch clumsy along with your proper foot in a corner, and consider that the JCW may not understeer into the hedges. The JCW simply begins to sense like a racecar, with a mild setup, whilst you’re pushing hard, being significantly extra rewarding without washing extensively. It additionally did actually well via dozens of returned-to-back warm laps in 43-degree centigrade climate. That’s now not something we can say for plenty of better performance editions we’ve driven in similar situations.

So, really worth a buy?
The Mini JCW is a CBU, however, includes a price tag of Rs 43. Five lakh, ex-showroom, making it about Rs nine lakhs extra than the three-door Cooper S. But judging by how a lot of those I’ve visible being flogged at open track days, there sincerely seems to be a market for a greater hardcore Mini. And the JCW actually offers the more bit of tough-edged a laugh that might make it a higher driving force’s vehicle. In the actual world? We’ll just wait and discover.


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