Okay, right out of the gate, allow’s get a couple of misconceptions out of the way: The Yamaha Niken GT isn’t always self-balancing. It will fall right over on its face if you permit it, so it is not a few new-fangled inventions supposed on getting the uninitiated into motorcycling. The Niken’s Leaning Multi-Wheel System is not some technical exercising in opportunity for the front suspension to replace the telescopic fork.

Motorcyclists have a tendency to be a conservative bunch when it comes to principal alternate. When liquid-cooling entered the enterprise, many decried brought weight. Fuel injection’s creation delivered howls of more complexity and fee. And there’s still resistance in the US in terms of ABS. Yet all those systems are now not unusual and with no trouble common on today’s bikes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no longer pronouncing the Niken’s LMW front give up goes to replace the same old unmarried-song -wheel motorcycle design. There’s clearly too many things a general telescopic fork (and single the front tire) does properly for it to be phased out with the aid of an opportunity layout. But if you could simply flow beyond the novel look and/or any hardened critiques on what the definition of a bike is, you’ll remember the fact that Yamaha just might be direct to something here. The blessings of having a further front tire touch patch to paintings within unfavorable weather and pavement situations are simply too excellent to ignore.

There’s no denying the Yamaha Niken’s Leaning Multi-Wheel System adds quite a few hardware, weight, and complexity, however, there’s additionally no denying that it works, and feels natural to experience like several bikes. Yamaha Motor Corp.

When the usual Niken changed into delivered to the world’s bike media within the Austrian Alps in the spring of 2018, all and sundry turned into impressed with its performance while cornering through much less-than-ideal traction situations. But whilst as compared to a vast spectrum of bikes, the additional weight of the LMW System (the large crosslinks, two steering heads, a couple of tie-rods, four fork tubes, extra the front wheel/tire, etc., add approximately one hundred pounds) and its 45-degree lean perspective obstacle (because of the LMW System now not being able to articulate any in addition) imply the Niken is a chunk much less appealing when checked out from a hard-middle carrying angle. But add a few long-variety-improving bits like an accent Comfort seat with greater padding for the rider and passenger, taller windscreen, heated grips, brief-release lockable saddlebags, passenger clutch rails with rear pinnacle-mount case functionality, center stand, and an additional 12-volt outlet, and you all at once have a completely successful recreation-tourer called the Niken GT that isn’t at the sort of disadvantage while evaluating spec charts with other bikes in that category.

The mountain roads of primary California proved to be the appropriate venue for experiencing the blessings of Yamaha’s LMW System. While their undulating routes are enormously amusing and hard, the pavement and grip can regularly be less than best, with converting tarmac, dust, damaged asphalt, and other obstacles supplying danger-laden surroundings. Mother Nature determined to feature even greater complications to the scenario on the primary day of the journey, dumping sufficient rain to virtually take a look at the potential of the Niken GT’s LMW front end.

Broken pavement or small objects are any other hazards the Niken GT offers within stride. Because each tire’s suspension is running independent of the other, at the same time as one the front tire is managing the impediment, the other is maintaining grip and monitoring, so there’s far much less front-cease dissatisfied than you get with an unmarried-tune bike. Trail-braking deep into turns is performed without difficulty, and braking strength and stability are great.

Once the roads dried out the day after today, I become capable of push even more difficult to discover if the LMW the front end poses any performance obstacles. For the massive majority of driving conditions, the solution to that question isn’t any. Yes, beneath an expert hand, the Niken GT will contact its peg feelers down without problems, but at that pace, regardless of the mild and neutral coping with traits, the specific feeling that you’re hustling 580-plus pounds of the bike makes you realize there’s no purpose to push similarly. Put it this way: Not too many game-touring motorcycles will without difficulty outrun the Niken.

That point says plenty about the 893cc three-cylinder engine that is largely the same as the MT-09/Tracer 900 GT, with 18 percentage greater crankshaft mass for advanced drivability, shorter final power through greater enamel on the rear sprocket, and more potent transmission equipment material to deal with the added weight. No large-displacement engine needed right here; the Niken GT accelerates with a pace that belies its sub-900cc powerplant size, but throttle response is smooth and smooth to apply. The standard quickshifter works properly, even at lower rpm (although it’s going to not provoke underneath four,000 rpm to prevent excessive pressure at the gears), and the equal Y-CCT system as its MT-09/Tracer 900 GT brethren capabilities 3 throttle response modes and two (plus off) traction manipulate tiers, in addition to cruise manage.

rice: $17,299
Engine: 847cc liquid-cooled triple
Transmission/final drive: 6-speed/chain
Horsepower: 104.5 @ 9,930 rpm (Cycle World Dyno)
Torque: 60.2 lb.-ft. @ 8,320 rpm (Cycle World Dyno)
Frame: Tubular steel trellis
Front suspension: KYB 43/41mm fork adjustable for compression and rebound damping; 4.7-in. travel
Rear suspension: KYB shock adjustable for spring preload and rebound damping; 4.9-in. travel
Front brake: Tokico 4-piston calipers, 265.5mm discs w/ ABS
Rear brake: Tokico 2-piston, 298mm disc w/ ABS
Rake/Trail: 20.0°/2.9 in.
Wheelbase: 54.9 in.
Seat height: 32.3 in.
Fuel capacity: 4.8 gal.
Weight: 612 lb. (on Cycle World scales)
Available: Spring 2019
Contact: yamahamotorsports.com


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