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We beginning late got an opportunity to ride the 2019 Ducati Scrambler Icon in Thailand what’s more the Icon, we also found the opportunity to test the 2019 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled.

What’s going on about the Scrambler Desert Sled?

It depends upon a near Desert Sled, as heretofore, so the edge, motor, and suspension are extremely proportionate. What’s going on are the tank sheets, go out motor, switchgear and the joining of cornering ABS. The switches are starting at now, compact and that basically aggregates up to the synopsis of updates. From different points of view, consider the Desert Sled as a 2019 Scrambler Icon on stilts.

Something other than what’s expected?

For 2019, the Desert Sled gets a devoted, unforgiving scene mode furthermore, so passing on those shocking slides will be more direct than on the past model.

Why a Desert Sled?

Everything considered, the Sled is the roughest scene competent Scrambler in the 2019 line-up and in the event that you ordinarily wind down broken trails or tend to wander past the entry district, the Sled looks great.

It has the correct unit for it in addition. The versatile, long travel suspension (200mm), 19-inch front and 17-inch back, wire talked wrangles Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires exhibit the Sled’s unforgiving scene status. Not to slight, the 238mm ground opportunity and a certified wallop plate. The main obstruction for Indian riders will be the 860mm seat stature, regardless, believe it or not, it’s sensible with no clarification behind concern.

So it’s a middle of the road disagreeable region?

It’s, allows simply state, simple to advance toward getting to be acclimated with while riding off the street. The trails the Ducati had picked in Thailand were not attempting but rather, it was sufficient to get an assessment of the Sled’s abilities.

The lightweight, trademark position when you remain on the pegs and handle from the tires engages you to ride at a better than an ordinary pace, particularly on the off chance that you are a terrible scene noob like me. The brutal domain mode likewise goes about as a thriving net when you are ham-fisted and I am thankful that it was there to keep a watch on me while I tried to stay aware of the rehearsed riders in my get-together.

Similarly, that is the point at which I had a kind of divulgence. The Scrambler Desert Sled is a fabulous option to an imperative, forcing foundation tourer, particularly when you are riding up the undesirable scene want to hold information. It’s light and deft, despite in the event that you drop it, it’ll be less hard to just get and continue.

Moreover, shouldn’t something be said about riding everywhere?

Straightforwardly, that is the detect the Scrambler Desert Sled confounded me the most. Neglecting looking orchestrated the end of the world, the Scrambler is enormously enchanting to ride out on the town. Straightforwardly off the bat, you sit satisfactorily high to suitably pick your way through traffic. Additionally, when you ride around corners, the Sled slants and how!

I wasn’t, generally, imagining that it should sidestep distorts in the manner it did, and to me, that underlines the flexibility of the Desert Sled.


The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled is an outright wonderful bike, particularly for the general population who love examining trails. For somewhat more than the Scrambler Icon, the Desert Sled brings veritable cruel scene point of confinement and recollecting that at it, looks pummeling. I confide in it’s clearly worth the additional money if this is the kind of Ducati Scrambler you are searching for.

Ducati has shown its whole degree of Scrambler bikes in India and the costs begin from Rs 7.89 lakh ex-showroom skillet India. One of the cruisers in the Scrambler run is the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, which has been regarded at Rs 9.93 lakh, which happens to be the most premium in this degree of Scrambler. The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled fights with the 2019 Triumph Street Scrambler that was pushed in February 2019 to the detriment of Rs 8.60 lakh ex-showroom.

Structure and Styling

The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled gets a high position and unobtrusively tall and continuously wide handlebars. Contrastingly, the Street Scrambler shows up, obviously, to the underneath hurled bike. Early the Desert Sled sports a flying bowed guardian. The skeleton edge of the Street Scrambler is painted in diminish, in any case, the Desert Sled gets the one in red features to impact it to create. The fumes on the Street Scrambler is a high mounted side hurled unit, be that as it may, the vapor on the Desert Sled is a low mounted unit. Both the bikes have a twofold barrel exhaust.

Motor and Drivetrain

The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled utilizes an 803cc L-twin. an air-calipers surrender that produces to 73PS at 8,250rpm and torque 67Nm at 5,750rpm. The Triumph Street Scrambler, then again, gets a parallel twin motor that produces 65PS at 7,400rpm and crest torque of 80Nm which is accessible from 3,200rpm.

Cycle parts

Both the cruiser have devoted cycle parts for smooth unsavory scene ridings-, for example, long travel suspension, talked wire wheels shod with twofold reason tires. The suspension travel on the Ducati Desert Sled is up to 200mm and is absolutely versatile. The Ducati in like way marches a 238mm ground space. The Triumph Street Scrambler has 140mm suspension travel with 41 mm front cartridge forks. The front brakes on the British cruiser here are Brembo four-barrel units with 310mm circle and the back brakes have a 255mm rotor with Nissin calipers. The Ducati Desert Sled gets a 330mm drift in the front and a 245mm plate at the back.


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