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As the great sun skirts the horizon to dominate the skies at the Madras Motor Racing Track, an astounding yellow Audi R8 V10 sparkles brilliantly at the pits. Truly, we at CarWale’s yearly track day event will set the dashing lines on fire to take a gander at the lap-time these track-planned supercar timekeepers.

What makes it imperative?

Close by the “pitch the larger part of your points of interest for obtaining” looks the R8 V10 shares Lamborghini Huracan’s carbon/aluminum structure, a goliath more often than not suctioned 5.2-liter mid-pass on mounted V10, twin handle seven-speed gearbox, and the acclaimed Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Additionally, it’s decked up with a goliath carbon-fiber raise wing, clusters of carbon inserts back to front, and carbon-mud brake rotors. When it came to us for a review course in 2016, we undermined the lanes and extraordinarily got away with not being gotten. Not to neglect that we returned to the CarWale base camp with a smile put so wide, that brushing our teeth wasn’t an errand for the following week.



From the driver’s seat, stunning gadgets are gone to the driver, for instance, changing the driving parts, motor start-up and engine sound can be gotten to from the managing wheel. Likewise, taking a gander at a startup, the basic red ‘start’ get torques the beast V10 motor with an agitated rev that expediently mixes the entire area.

What I figure it can do?

With so much power and parasite like understanding a limit, we fathom that the R8 will be a veritable stinker. With pretty much 610 steeds on a tightrope, all could be required grunt to actuate it to over the best paces, while the Quattro, stoneware brakes and fat Michelins draw in it to shoot around turns. I plainly audit the astute route by which the controlling carried on to the degree I can tell, so I foresee that it ought to fulfill that trademark to pass on the coordinated lead required of a supercar. While nailing the dashing line, clearly.

The track test

Rayomand Banajee set out in this strange machine and came back to the purged course with a huge grin. He bestowed that the get-together of contraptions on this vehicle empowers it to hold brisk to the proposed line around turns with inconsequential slack. This by chance gives the driver colossal conviction to push the cutoff focuses and think some snappy lap times. We pulled out the data from our VBox and it attested that Rayomand lapped the MMRT in 1:54.42 seconds, the snappiest lap time recorded at the 2018 CarWale track day.


Time for me to feel the R8’s savagery now. I cannoned into C2 off the exhausted way like Thor struck his sled, and winded up doing the corner like it was a joke. This, doubtlessly, gave me the quality (and adrenaline) to go speedier around C3 which was similarly vanquished nicely viable. In any case, it kept ringing in the back of my head and will sound crazy to you, that the ride quality was such a huge amount of plusher than the tenacious Ameo glass vehicle. Point of fact, paying little regard to be a concentrated race-track raised the vehicle.

While at it, the R8 got a handle in the city like it had some paste trap up its sleeve and a great deal of that credit goes to the catch Quattro AWD which pushes more torque to the back when the front-end begins to break free. As I debilitated the throttle while leaving C3 and thundered down the basic part that leads into C4, my huge setup achievements flashed in my cerebrum thing trading off to end suddenly.



Moreover, quickly, I braked more than required with an authentic focus to recover spiritualist quality. Direct, with less pace than anticipated passed on into the curve, I ended up understeering through C4 and C5! Really, you heard it right. Notwithstanding, I maliciously smiled at myself. “So it’s adjusted to understeer when taken basic and oversteer when extended past what many would think about possible”, I let myself know. Seeing what to do straight away, I promptly weaved my right foot to ambush the long C6 and C7 with the objective that I can rapidly apply what I fundamentally held. “Be progressively strong”, I uncovered to myself all through the long curve as I reestablished vigorously by the judiciousness of the attestation I amassed.


In addition, by and by, my pride-swollen chest was so broad I could give a bouncer a continue running for his money. Regardless, I hadn’t much time to engage over this, and before I knew it, I was passing on towards C8 which I knew was a flawed breeze since it gets significantly more firmly certifiable excited towards the exit. Notwithstanding my heart throbbing tirelessly, I amassed some capacity to gas it and the R8 quickly obliged with a tinge of extra tire shriek before clearing C9 in a surge on to the square at last.


As I approach my most troublesome C10 “the bowl”, my inside voice makes ful plot. With so much handle, AWD balance and controlling that performs best when pushed, why not hold fast to within pinnacle and not go wide? Hence, I add up to one side of my guts from who-knows-where and hurl the R8 inside the entire C10. It turns, turns, holds, turns, handles, and after that all of a sudden, what I never expected happened. The back broke free! Obviously, in a reduced moment the equipment reeled it over into an approach, regardless, it was an introduction while it continued forward. In case you think we flooded toward the pits after this, you’re topsy turvy!

I customarily produced to our shutterbug Kapil Angane that we again should avoid the C10 for a clearer shot, and Kapil happily obliged. Both of us had an exceptional time pushing toward our demonstrated occupations, getting consumed our own one of a kind one of kind adrenaline, and taking a gander at the V10 singing without end outside of anyone’s ability to see. Goliath manager Vikrant Singh sniffed out the impelling high-decibel sensation from the pit-course and over the long haul showed up at finding what we were up to. In any case, by then, we were just about done. Or on the other hand obviously, would we say we were?

Consequent to offering support to Kapil for the rich shots, I had another go at the entire track. To guarantee I could wrinkle the paddles to drop the riggings, and watch the V10 redline at a shocking 8500rpm through the virtual cockpit with that brilliant soundtrack. I trust in I’m penniless, and by far elated. Need you had a remarkable time dissecting this track review, and do esteem the shots.

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